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[DENIED] Jaden Stax's Application

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First Name: Jayden

Middle Name: 

Surname: Stax

Age: 11

Date of Birth: March 02 2008

Gender: Male

Phone Number: [ANSWER HERE]

Home Address: San Joaquin pampangan emilda marcos 045


Section II - Criminal Records


Do you currently have a Criminal Record? If so, why?:


Are you currently convicted of any crime? If so, why?:


Do you have any minor traffic offences/tickets from any Police Department?:


Have you ever been in a Prison? If so, why?:


Have you ever gone to a Federal Interview/Court? If so, why?:




Section III - Licenses and Records


Do you possess a valid Driver’s License?:


Do you possess a valid FireArms License?:


Do you possess any knowledge about Policing?:


How long have you lived in San Andreas?:

One Year

Have you ever been in any previous Law Enforcement Agency? If so, remove the cross in the questions below:

Do you posses your Employer’s Name? []

Do you possess your Employer’s address? []

Do you possess your Employer’s Phone Number? []

Do you possess your Employer’s Rank in the Agency and Status? []


Section IV - Further Background Check



Write your Life Biography (minimum of 50 words):[ANS

Well My dad is Police too and i wanted to be a Police same to my dad and i really really want to protect and safe our Comunity And to Defend All Dmers I do my job as a police
WER HERE]Write a personal statement on your goals:

Yes.... im Grade 6 and future: to be a police/cop and help our parents

Write what your good at and can benefit us:

im good and im not abuse Faction powers and i dont abuse ma rank and im not tazing others without vaild reason well we can see my rp. 

Why should we choose you over other applicants? (minimum of 50 words):

i choose this faction beacuse this is hard faction and to help comunity and some defend robbermans,holdaper,kidnnaper well... i will protect our comunity ofcures Civillians.

Why would you fit into our Police Force? (minimum of 50 words):

To help Our mission and to help our Chief or deputy To protect them and helping patroll around los santos i'll promise i'll be good as a Police.



Section V - Declaration


I, (Jayden Stax), am willing to follow all laws and participate to all Police Activities to the best of my abillity. I understand any corruption will lead to an instant prison sentence of up to 5 years. I understand any plagiarizing from other applications will result in an instant denial and PERMANENT DENIED status. I understand the LSPD reserves the right to deny my application at any given time without my notice. I understand the LSPD reserves the right to fire me from my position (if accepted) at any given time without notice.





Edited by Rikumichi Hanako
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This letter serves to inform you that we've acknowledged your preliminary background application and after a thorough review, we've decided to place your application ON-HOLD due to follow reasons.

  • Put more effort on each questions.
  • Fix grammar mistakes.

You have 48 hours to fix your application, otherwise, your application will be denied and may re-apply after 1 week.

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This letter serves to notify you that your interview has been thoroughly investigated and discussed with the recruitment and training and unfortunately you've been deemed to not be fit for the department. That being said, your application has been denied. We wish you the best of luck in your upcoming career choices. The reason for your denial can be seen below.


  • Failure to fix your application for the time given.


You may submit a new application for the recruitment of the Los Santos Police Department after three days of this post has passed. )) Thank you for your interest in a career with the Los Santos Police Department.

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