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Crate Convoys

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Attacking a crate convoy

  • Only gang members are allowed to attack a crate convoy. (( Note : Faction members are not allowed to raid the crate convoy on either side ))
  • You are allowed to shoot at the convoy with out any warnings. (( Note : KOS allowed ))
  • You are not allowed to Revenge Kill.
  • Foxhound is allowed to use a single weaponized vehicle to escort the convoy. (( Note : seasparrow or a Hunter ; only miniguns ))
  • If you hijack the crate vehicle successfully you can deliver the crates to the gang lockers. (( Note : you have to manually deposit the crates into the lockers if you are in a gang ))
  • When there is a convoy it will be announced via mole.
  • Foxhound is allowed to get assistance from other factions if they need it.

This policy is subject to change at any time by the Director of Game Affairs, Director of Gaming Affairs or the Executive Director.

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