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[PENDING INTERVIEW] Billie Thompson's Application

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Section I - Personal Information


First Name: Billie

Middle Name: -

Surname: Thompson

Age: 29

Date of Birth: October 21, 1990

Gender: Female

Phone Number: 663721

Home Address: Jefferson Apartment


Section II - Criminal Records


Do you currently have a Criminal Record? If so, why?: 


Are you currently convicted of any crime? If so, why?:


Do you have any minor traffic offences/tickets from any Police Department?:


Have you ever been in a Prison? If so, why?:


Have you ever gone to a Federal Interview/Court? If so, why?:




Section III - Licenses and Records


Do you possess a valid Driver’s License?:


Do you possess a valid FireArms License?:


Do you possess any knowledge about Policing?:


How long have you lived in San Andreas?:

ONE Year

Have you ever been in any previous Law Enforcement Agency? If so, remove the cross in the questions below:

Do you posses your Employer’s Name? []

Do you possess your Employer’s address? []

Do you possess your Employer’s Phone Number? []

Do you possess your Employer’s Rank in the Agency and Status? []


Section IV - Further Background Check



Write your Life Biography (minimum of 50 words):

I was born in 1997 in Las Venturas, born and raised. My dad worked as a cop for most of his adult life and had tried his quite unsuccessful best to manage family life with parenting. He eventually figured it out and had been my role model ever since I can remember myself.
He always tried to get me to understand the importance of law enforcement and the amazing job they are doing.
My mom was a social worker and had also been a great influence on my social skills. She taught me how to connect with people and understand their situation, trying to help if I can and get the right professional if needed.
Throughout my life I consistently enjoyed helping people and making a positive difference in the world. One I want to expand even further as a police officer.
My favorite hobby is, for a long time now, going Paint Karting with my friends. Paint Karting is a cool game we had come up with which is very similar in nature to regular paintball except you use Go Karts to travel around the long distances. The game was exceptionally great when we had closed off a part of the desert in Las Venturas all for ourselves one day and had fought in long ranges and extreme situations.
I used to volunteer at All Saints hospital in Los Santos, helping first responders on the scene, I have developed 

Write a personal statement on your goal:

I have wanted to join the police force since I was a little kid, looking up to my father, imagining myself in his uniform and hoping I could be as good of a person as he is.
I want to help the community and make a real difference, something that I feel I can do best as a police officer. I want to put away criminals and hopefully getting them to rehabilitate back into the fabric of normal society. I remember all the people I saw my mom work with that had rehabilitated after her help.
In addition to all that, I want to stop the suffering of innocent people at the hands of their fellow men. Everyone deserves to live safely and I want to help keep them that way

Write what your good at and can benefit us:

I have great social skills, I can communicate easily with people of all backgrounds and can quite easily understand them. I can attribute that quality to my mom, she really taught me a lot in that field.
I can drive really well and very versatile, I have experience driving all kinds of vehicles from my Paint Karting experience and those include: Go Karts, Premieres (we found them easy to clean) and sometimes Sanchezes (we used them for their all terrain capabilities).
I know my way around guns and especially Desert Eagles. My dad had one as a personal carry weapon and taught me all about it, from safety protocols to technical mechanical propeties of the gun. I can also properly handle m16 and aks, which I learned through usage of their paintball replicas and actually using them in a gun range under a controlled environment. I am also quite proficient in long range marksmanship.
I have developed a very strong stomach during my time as a medical volunteer personal

Why should we choose you over other applicants? (minimum of 50 words):

Cuase my skills and my activity


Why would you fit into our Police Force? (minimum of 50 words):

I will be active for long periods and i will be on-duty and i will be always in the service for the law and for the nation



Section V - Declaration


I, Billie Thompson, am willing to follow all laws and participate to all Police Activities to the best of my abillity. I understand any corruption will lead to an instant prison sentence of up to 5 years. I understand any plagiarizing from other applications will result in an instant denial and PERMANENT DENIED status. I understand the LSPD reserves the right to deny my application at any given time without my notice. I understand the LSPD reserves the right to fire me from my position (if accepted) at any given time without notice.


Signature: B. Thompson

Date:  July 10, 2019

Edited by Rikumichi Hanako

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This letter serves to notify you that your Preliminary Background application has been reviewed by the High Command of the Los Santos Police Department. An assigned officer has reviewed your application and it been subjected to a thorough investigation. During the investigation, your preliminary background application has deemed to be satisfactory and as such, your application to the recruitment has been accepted.

You are now to contact a recruitment and training officer through the means of our non-emergency phone line. When you have contacted a recruitment and training officer, they will be assigned to interview you. To the interview, you must come with your birth certificate and your San Andreas driver's license. Thank you for your interest in a career of a law enforcement officer.

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This letter serves to inform you that we've acknowledged your preliminary background application and after a thorough review, we've decided to accept your application and you're not Pending Interview.

High Command will contact you when they saw you in-town or wait in the LSPD headquarters until someone handle your interview.

(( Spamming chats or sms to any LSPD members to proccess your interview is strictly forbidden, it might lead you to denial. ))

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