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Merryweather Security Consulting was found at the end of the Gulf War, the founder of the company was Kris Stax, a Gulf War Veteran and a member of the 41st Infantry Regiment. Kris was wounded during Operation Desert Storm, realizing that being wounded, or even dead for a small salary that the army offers is just not worth it, he realized that working 5 years for 100.000$ is chump change compared to the 400.000$ that you make in a year while working in a private military company. It was during the early 90s that the need for private security was bigger than ever, from rich to influential people to countries such as the United Kingdom and Russia wanted their own superpower, and Kris was more than happy to oblige. He met up with his friends from the military and started his own private security company.
The idea of an army that anyone could buy sounded great to many, and Merryweather soon came into business. After they were founded in 1994, Merryweather mainly focused on protecting ambassadors and diplomats in foreign countries, they also protected business moguls and low-end celebrities. This ultimately led to the U.S. leaders taking interest in Merryweather, and have offered them a contract in 1996.


In 1996, Merryweather was assigned a contract to support US and NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) troops as a part of the SFOR peacekeeping mission in the Balkans. The contract was extended to include KFOR operations in Kosovo in 1999, after uniting with KBR (Kellogg, Brown and Root), another private military company that was awarded a contract during the SFOR peacekeeping missions, Merryweather and KBR constructed the Guardian Base and Camp Demi in Tuzla to further support the US Army peacekeepers by constructing them a base. They have also helped out KBR in their construction of Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo under the direction of the army corps of engineers.


Merryweather was awarded 100 million dollars to build a new US Embassy in Afghanistan, Merryweather also received additional 216 million dollars for working under Operation Enduring Freeedom (the military name for US military operations in Afganistan), these include establishing bases in Bagram and Kandahar and for training foreign Georgian Troops.

On September 1st 2005, following Hurricane Katrina, Merryweather dispatched a rescue team and two helicopters, free of charge, to support relief operations. Following that, Merryweather acted as law enforcement during the disaster-struck areas. They moved about 200 personnel into the area hit by Hurricane Katrina, Merryweather had a visible and financially lucrative presence during the disasters as their involvement cost US taxpayers $430,000.


Merryweather was also actively involved in the development of works in Cuba, most notably sections of the US Naval Base in Guantanamo, completed in 2006. Camp 6, the newest facility built for detainees at Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, is designed after a maximum security penitentiary in the US.

In May 2006, the US State Department awarded WPPS II, the successor to its previous diplomatic security. Under this contract, the State Department awarded Merryweather, along with Blackwater, Triple Canopy and DynCorp a contract for diplomatic security in Iraq, under this contract, Merryweather is authorized to have exactly 850 staff members in Iraq. Responsibilities of Merryweather include the US Embassy in Iraq. At the time Merryweather published very little information about internal affairs.


Merryweather as any other large institution and company gives their employees treats. Every member that has been serving for a prolonged period of time is issued a monetary prize as well as a decor,
formally a medal. Bravery and hard work does not go unnoticed in the lines of Merryweathers ferocious warriors of justice. The decor isn't only formal, it has meaning, by having it it allows you to be recognized
by other agencies that have a similar code, a chain of command that functions in the same fashion.


Their story has gone around the world. Everyone knows about the PMC industry and word just keeps spreading. Merryweather has gone around the world visiting almost every country in the world at the end of 2017. They're refered to as "guns for hire" or mercenaries. After the start of 2017 they already started receiving tons of calls from various countries regarding various jobs. One of the most common jobs they do are private escorts, secured transport and rescue missions. Veterans from the US military joined the organization as it provides a massive paycheck along with free food, clothes and health insurance. PMC's are a much better source of income than the military. Why would someone serve 5 years in the field for 400,000$ when they can serve 2 years for 500,000$ in the field. Due to the high amount of requests and personnel they have decided to chop the company into divisions as every division specialized a specific area. Merryweather has recruited nearly 2320 members which of 400 are currently in service and are operating in other countries. The remaining are split up in areas of the hierarchy, awaiting their call.

The highly skilled agents of Merryweather have provided protection for over 100 CEOs and their workforces, famous athletes, entertainers, high-net worth individuals, royal families and diplomats. The services range from providing one-time personal protection to developing long-term comprehensive personnel and asset protection programs.

Home Defense: Merryweather with the help of state of the art security systems will ensure your home safety at the highest possible standards.

Business Defense: Merryweather will dispatch highly skilled operatives to your business whenever you feel like it. Dressed in plain clothes or in uniforms your, as well as the safety of your business in guaranteed.

Land Defense: If your large plot of land is prone to being vandalized to illegally accessed, Merryweather has you covered. Our specialized staff will regularly patrol your land upon request to ensure the safety of the property.

Personal Bodyguard: If you feel threatened or in danger then the specialized Merryweather personal bodyguard program is for you. Merryweathers offers you to choose your own bodyguard as well as the service, it being an armed bodyguard by your side or a personal motorcade to your next meeting.

Event Security: Merryweather will ensure the safety of your attendees as well as the other staff members on the event. High coordination of our specialists will deplete any chances of a possible issue or catastrophe.

[*All of the services above are for use, all necessary IC services can be negotiated for a reasonable sum of money. Prices are to be modified to the needs of roleplay scenarios.*]




Kris Stax, the mecca of the private military industry. Born on May 14th, 1970 towering at 6'1 is the
initiator of the idea and one of the few qualified to lead the company. His undeniable experience
makes him more than suitable for the position he holds.


Behold, Haris Jones, born on August 4th, 1978 was rumored to be the best cadet the SEAL team
has ever had. His precision at mach-one speed is something many agencies around crave for.
The indisputable man everyone wishes to have plays a big role in Merryweather.


Born on February 1st 1980, Benjo Fisher is a well-know name among the cadets of the legendary SAS.
The man behind Operation Hathor is renowned for being a fierce combatant in the eyes of danger.
After his regiment was disavowed, Benjo was forced to move elsewhere, finding his place
in the lines of Merryweather being appointed as the chief of special operations.



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 43QzhqZ.jpg dWPEOfl.jpg Nr3A3bU.jpg  

                                          Beretta M92FS, the first option of                    HK MP5K, the secondary of every individual       Mossberg 590 SW, loud breaching option

                                              every Merryweather operator.                               going on mission or patrol duty.                  used only when lethal force is necessary.



ASP F21, non-lethal usage, EDC of every

Merryweather operator.

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