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San Andreas Revaluation Army [S.A.R.A]

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S.A.R.A is a shortcut to for a group called San Andreas Revaluation Army, the group was founded in the last months of 2016 by some terminated soldiers who were serving for the armed service of San Andreas after refusing an executive order from the general himself and being charged with corruption.

In the third of October 2016, Los Santos had a one only news “The gangs conquered the city”, the local police department and the armed service had nothing to do with them since they were so weak in this period of time, the armed service of San Andreas had to do their last plan which is doing an air strike on the city to stop whatever is happening in the city then they will be able to go on the street with their forces, the general accepted this plan and it had been passed to the air forces, Special Weapons and Tactics and the training and recruitment commanders, all of them refused to obey this order since this operation will end the lives of many innocent people.
Three days later, the commanders who objected to obey the orders found themselves terminated from the armed service.

In the 8th of October 2016, the commanders who refused to obey the general’s order were terminated from the armed service of San Andreas, so that they had a great will to revenge since they did that to save the innocents lives.
In the 10th of October 2016 was the first meeting of the terminated commanders, they all were ready to revenge from whoever pushed them out of their jobs and ended their careers so that they agreed to collect assistance whether human, weapons or vehicles or whatever they will need, and after a months of working, Mark Darkson was ready to speak on behalf of the group and expose all that was happening between the fortified walls.

After three years of activities, S.A.R.A made some alliances in Los Santos, their alliances who are the groups who were suffering from whatever the law enforcement department does, they got some enemies as well and top of the list the local police department and armed service.
It was a cold war between the two sides until the first soldier been killed from the armed service’s side, it was like a hell of bullets flying from the two sides, a lot of bodies on the streets for some days, and now it is a cold fight once more, but this situation is expected to disappear soon.

Once this organization been up and the leaders took a promise on themselves to change what is happening in San Andreas, they had a better solution with for everything that excluding losing innocent people lives, giving people a better life and making sure they have all of their rights, they also will make sure that everyone in a law enforcement department is not abusing his authority on innocent people.

S.A.R.A’s founders are multi-nationality soldiers each of them was specialized in his field.


Mark Darkson

Mark Darkson, or as know as General Darkson, he used to serve for the armed service of San Andreas once he became 22 years old, he was known with his courage and loyalty, he used to be one of the Special Weapons and Tactics team before being a well-known name in this field and being promoted to lead it, fast he became one of the high commanders of the armed service, but he didn't last for a long time since he objected to obey the general’s orders at once to be terminated and to collect the others, who objected on the same order, to start a new republican army for San Andreas


Carly Phoenix

Carly Phoenix, an Egyptian American girl. Carly was born and raised in San Andreas, Carly had a Passion for flying, she joined the military when she was 18 years old, after some years of serving she got promoted till she became the new Air Forces commander, she witnessed many wars in San Andreas. she was leading her pilots wisely to make sure that no one will be in danger. in 2016 Carly received a letter from the armed service of San Andreas when she was in her home, they charged her with corruption and then they terminated her, Carly promised to make everyone regret what the did to her.


Liam Frankenstein

Liam Frankenstein was born on twenty-one of July 1989. He was raised in a rich house in Los Santos, alongside with two brothers older than him. He left his house when he was seventeen to start his own life, He started by travelling around the world to gain experience about the people and business. Liam was so ambitious to build a house as his own parents did, He wanted to be a rich and strong man but on his own without his parent's assistance.
When Liam reached the age of 21, he decided to serve his country and become a soldier and join the Armed Services to defend his country from terrorists. After serving two years in the military, Liam was chosen along with other seven strong and special soldiers for a special operation as these soldiers were told. Liam felt happy and worried after hearing this news, He felt that he was happy because he was chosen to go in a special operation within a special team of strong and experienced soldiers, He was also worried as he knew this operation was an actual suicide operation, It was very hard for the soldiers to do it safely. This operation was back in 2010 when these men had to go and steal information from a secret terrorist-organization as they were told by their commander. During this operation, one of the seven soldiers was shot by one of the terrorists in his shoulder. A day after Liam was charged for treason for shooting his comrade, He was terminated from the Armed Services and spent a year in jail. When he was released he decided to return back to Los Santos to work in there to be near his family and his friends. He was hired by a lot of organizations. He was very patient, hard-worker and a dedicated man. He ended up being within an organization which was against the rules and corruption of the state of San Andreas.[/B



High Commander
The high commanders are the ones who have the authority to spectate every department in S.A.R.A also they are the one who receives the weekly reports from the commanders of the other departments to check if they are suitable for their positions or not.
Special Weapons and Tactics units are well-trained members on fighting and using weapons their main duty is to interact with whoever tries to face any of the group members in any situation.
Air Forces
The air forces units are the one who airs vehicles in many ways like  attacking, striking or defending; attacking the enemies in case of having a fight or being in a war or even if the group needs an air cover, also one of their main duty is to defend the main base in case of having a raid on them by any law enforcement department of San Andreas on them.

Training and recruitment members are the ones who do care about the recruitment mandates and about the member's promotions or demotions and issuing strikes in case of any corruption, they also have a role in training the new members on getting with the group rules and instructions
General duties members are the units who help with every single thing while getting ready to get in a fight, they are the units who make sure that the other members are armed and ready for the fight.

This kind of vehicles is to be used by the Speical Weapons and Tactics units while doing an operation or heading to give a hand to the other parts of the group, it is also can be used by the other departments of the group but with special permission from any of the highest commanders.
FBI Trucks are restricted for the commanders of the general duties and S.W.A.T or above only, it is being used in the serious situations only and can't be moved without a permit from the General himself.
Patriots are to be used by general duties, S.W.A.T and TNR members as a means of transport, its main usage is in patrolling around, picking up a member or even for personal usage, it can be used by any member without needing to take permissions.
Barracks are used by the general duties members only in order to load a large number of members to a specific location after talking an order from the commander of the general duties or his assistant.
Police Mavericks are being used by the air forces units only, they are used for giving air cover to the ground units and informing them if there is a close danger and giving them the enemies statistics, there are no permissions to use them, but they are restricted for the air forces units only.

AIR FORCES and S.W.A.T Units uniform

High commanders, General duties and TNR Uniforms

1- You need to follow the server rules, even you don't like them.
2- You should at least have some knowledge about our theme in order to join us.
3- You should be active.
4- If you caught breaking the server rules or being imprisoned for breaking the rules of the server, you will be kicked.
5- If you got banned for hacking, you will not be able to rejoin the group even if your ban time expired ((If you appealed it, you will be able to rejoin)).


Mark Darkson

Carly Phoenix [CoAF]

Jimmy Tex [CoGD]

Bonjan Darkson
Jackson Woods

Daniel Arthur
Simon Alberto
Micheal Harm
Omar Darkson
Clark Darkson
Osos Darkson
Chendo S. Woods
Akon Freeman
Tony Woo
Dippo Hall
David Northgate
Hamo Beka
Clark Darkson
Jack Ronald
Granko Woods
Danze Woods
Sam  Rogers




The thread will be updated so soon with the other divisions' logos and the S.W.A.T commander 's bio

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would suggest for you to change the theme, we already have two PMCs in the server

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would suggest for you to change the theme, we already have two PMCs in the server

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Your application has been reviewed by the Department of Gang Management and I would like to inform you that your application is ON HOLD for the following reasons:
-Gang Application Status are Closed  
                                                                                     Director of Gang Management Diamond

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