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Gang Master Policy

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Gang Master Policy

Section I: Gang Statuses

Chapter 1: Official Organisation Perks

Policy 1.1: Official Gangs
Official Gangs are granted the following perks by DGA to assist them in role-playing their theme:

Policy 1.2: Forum and Discord Perks 

Slot holder gets the ‘Family Owner’ Award on the  Forums (Note: must be slot holder for at least one month)
Gang Leaders get the Gang Leader Forum User Group and Gang leaders on discord
Gang Leaders are eligible for the Gang Leader of the Month Award (Note: this will be issued by the Director of Game Affairs after discussion with the Director of Gang Management)

Policy 1.3: SA:MP Server Perks
[/f] OOC Chat and [/r] IC Chat
Five Lockers - locations selected by the Slot Holder (Note: lockers can only be placed inside of a groups locked (HQ) turf and sub HQ)
15x Standard Gang Vehicles - selected by the slot holder (Note: cars must suit the group's theme and require approval from the Director of Gang Management)
2x DGA provided family Dynamic Door - removed when group is disbanded
Custom Exterior Mapping - up to 30 objects on a groups locked (HQ) turf (Note: mapping will be removed upon a groups disbandment)

Section II: Strike & Probation Guidelines

Chapter 2: Disbandment

Policy 2.1: Official Gang Strike Limits
Gangs can accumulate a total of three (3) strikes before disbandment. ([3/3])

Policy 2.2: Slot Holder Inactivity
Gangs who have a inactive slot holder (up to the discretion of DoGM+) may be forced to change their slot holder or be disbanded.

Policy 2.3: Group Inactivity
Gangs who have shown several signs of inactivity after being spoken to by the Director of Gang Management will be liable for disbandment (or probation).

Policy 2.4: Constant Misconduct
Gangs who have shown several attempts of misconduct and no signs of improvement may be disbanded. (Note: only issued by DoGA).

Policy 2.5: Group Misconduct/Inactivity
If the Director of Gang Management or higher ranking DoGA member feels a group is inactive or has been performing general misconduct within the server, the group may be put on probation (0/1) for a maximum of one month. A gang is still free to attend point/turf whilst on probation.

Chapter 3: Strike-able Offenses

Policy 3.1: Gang Leader Clarification
In order to be classified as a gang leader, you must have leadership ingame (the ability to /invite, /uninvite, promote and demote members).

Policy 3.2: Gang Leader Punishments
Gang leader is banned from the server (if gang leader is banned for a matter undergoing investigation then the strike will not be issued until the investigation is concluded).
(Note: the ban reason must include things such as exploiting, exceeded 3 warnings, etc. Bans not relating to the server will not result in a strike).
Gang Leader is prisoned in-game by an administrator for a warnable offense (see Server Offenses for a list of warn-able offences). 
(Note: for exceptions see Policy 3.5)
Gang Leader is prisoned for violating any active DGA Policy.

Policy 3.3: Member Offenses
If three or more members of a gang break a server rule ( Link here ) and/or DGA Policy from one incident then their gang is liable to be striked.

Policy 3.4: Mass Recruitment
Only three members are allowed to be invited per hour to a gang.
Recruiting through  any form of global chat (/gov, /v, etc). (Note: recruitment trough /ads is allowed)

Policy 3.5: Failure to use /repfam
If a gang has three members (in one or multiple situations) prisoned for failing to use /repfam while in a turf they will recieve a strike.
(Note: if a leader is prisoned for failing to use /repfam this will not result in a strike. It will however count towards the three members mentioned above).

Chapter 4: Probation

Policy 4.1.1: Probation Defined
The Gang Probation system is a tool used by DGA to observe the performance of a family. The group will be monitored closely by the Director of Gang Management+ to ensure smooth operations and to ensure that they are worthy of holding their current position in the community.

Policy 4.2: Reasons for Probation
The following reasons can lead to a gang being placed on probation by the Director of Gang Management:

Probation Reasons                                          Length        Strike Status        Point Status

Slot Holder Change                                        1 Week          [0/1]                      Points Allowed (P)
Theme Change                                                1 Week         [0/1]                      Points Allowed (P)
Family Name Change                                     3 Days          [0/1]                      Points Allowed (P)
Inactivity                                                           2 Weeks       [0/1]                      Points Disallowed (P)
Continuous Misconduct of the Family        2 Weeks       [0/1]                      Points Disallowed (P)

Policy 4.3: Defining Gangs on Probation
Gangs which are on probation and restricted from points. 

Policy 4.4: Subject to the discretion of the Director of Game Affairs
The (Assistant) Director of Game Affairs can issue Point restrictions for reasons above which would not normally result in a Point restriction under extreme circumstances.

Section III: Point Rules & Regulations

(Note: if any of the point rules from chapter six (excluding 6.13) are broken the person breaking them is to be prisoned for up to 40 minutes and 1 warning issued if it's necessary. If the rule breaker is also a high rank (can claim / capture points / turfs) then the gang will also be issued one strike).

Chapter 5: Point Restrictions

Policy 5.1: Zero Strikes (0/3)
Gangs who do not have any active strikes do not have a maximum point capture limit (they can attend and capture every point).

Policy 5.2: One Strike (1/3)
Gangs who have one active strike can only capture a maximum of three (3) points. Furthermore, a gang cannot attend a fourth point if they already own three. Regardless of whether or not they successfully capture it.

Policy 5.3: Two Strikes (2/3)
Gangs who have two active strikes may not attend nor capture any points.

Policy 5.4: Probation (0/1)
Gangs who are on probation can only capture a maximum of one (1) points.
(Note: See policy 4.2 for further clarification.)

Chapter 6: Point Offenses

Policy 6.1: Attending Point & Intention to Capture
Gang Members are not allowed to attend point without a high rank (ranks that can capture points / turfs). Gangs are also not allowed to attend point if they have no intentions to capture it. Normal server rules also apply at point. You are allowed to revenge kill and chicken run however.(Note: even a single person is allowed to capture points )

Policy 6.2: Multi-capping
Only gangs are allowed to attend point. Faction members and civilians under no circumstances are allowed to attend point. Gangs are not allowed to attempt and capture more than one point at a time. Even if one point has 1 minute left they have to wait for this to minute to conclude before they can attempt to capture the other active point.

Policy 6.3: Double Capping
During an active point that a gang is currently capturing, they may not capture it again in the same timeframe.

Policy 6.4: Lag Capping
Under no circumstances is a leader allowed to lag cap. If you feel as if you are lagging, you should not be attempting to capture the point. Any group found to be lag capping intentionally or not will be issued one strike.
(Note: this includes capping while desynced)

Policy 6.5: Use of items while capping
While attempting to capture a point (/capture), the capper may not heal (first aid, vests, meals) nor use any drugs that bypass damage (heroin's effects where you take less damage). 
(Note: capping with 150 Armor/HP is allowed).

Policy 6.6: Capturing in a vehicle
Cappers may not attempt to capture a point while sitting inside a vehicle (weaponized vehicles are not allowed at point whatsoever).

Policy 6.7: Temporary ranking/inviting
Ranking members up to be able to capture a point is forbidden, and any necessary rank ups must be done 24 hours prior to attending point. Inviting players before/during point is also forbidden.

Policy 6.8: End of point
Upon the full capture of a point, gangs are required to stop shooting instantly and leave the point boundaries.

Policy 6.9: Start of point
Point starts 15 minutes before the hour (xx:45) which allows the use of shooting within the point boundaries and the area is considered OOC. Shooting is not allowed before (xx:45).

Policy 6.10: Exploits
Exploiting the general script in order to help benefit a specific group. (Fireworks, plane bombing, car ramming the capper, CS.). Whilst those listed in the previous sentence are not allowed, the use of Toys to protect the capper and vehicles to meatshield are allowed.

Policy 6.11: Shooting outside of point
Sniping/shooting from outside the point and shooting towards the point is forbidden. This means no shooting outside of point boundaries. If a player runs into point, and tries to run out of point boundaries - He is allowed to be chased and killed however.

Policy 6.12: Claiming turfs over a point
Gangs are not allowed to claim any turf that is over an active point that is taking place (turfs that are ontop of active point boundaries).

Policy 6.13: Other Point Offenses

Title                                                               Details                                                                                                                 Punishment

Alt-Tabbing In Point                                   Pausing your game or tabbing out whilst in point boundaries                  Server Kick
Only Family Members Allowed               Faction Members and Players should not be participating in points         Teleport Out of Point
Failing To Use Family Skins                     Being at point without wearing family skin                                                     Teleport Out of Point
Use of Animations                                    Using animations whilst in an active point                                                      Server Kick

Chapter 7: Point Boundaries

Policy 7.1: Materials Pickup 1
Materials Pickup 1 

Policy 7.2: Materials Pickup 2
Materials Pickup 2 

Policy 7.3: Materials Factory 1
Materials Factory 1 

Policy 7.4: Materials Factory 2
Materials Factory 2 

Policy 7.5: Drug House
Drug House 

Policy 7.6: Crack Lab
Crack Lab 

Policy 7.7: Heroin Lab
Heroin Lab 

Policy 7.8: Flint Intersection
Flint Intersection 

Section IV: Turf Rules & Regulations

(Note: if any of the point rules from chapter nine (excluding 9.9) are broken the person breaking them is to be prisoned for up to 40 minutes and issued one warning if it's necessary. If the rule breaker is also a high rank (can capture points / turfs) then the gang will also be issued one strike).

Chapter 8: Turf Definitions

Policy 8.1: What is a turf?
A turf is a boundary which is owned by ONE specific gang or faction upon successfully claiming the area for a certain period of time. Different turfs take place at different times and upon successfully claiming it, that group will hold it for 12 Hours.
After the vulnerable time is down to 0 Hours, any other gang will be eligible to take over that specific turf. Factions are able to shutdown on-going turf captures with the command /shutdown. (Note : Rivalry between SA and NR policy is applied)

Policy 8.2: Locked Turfs
Each gang is given a locked turf which symbolizes the gangs main hood / headquarters.

Policy 8.3: Gang Representation
Each gang is required to be in their gang skins and to have /repfam on in order for others to determine if said person is in a gang or just a normal civilian.

Chapter 9: Turf Offenses

Policy 9.1: Multi-Claiming
Gangs are only allowed to claim one turf at a time, this means that they have to finish claiming the current turf before they can start claiming another.

Policy 9.2: Exploiting Turf Timer
Leaving the active part of the turf and hiding in a not visible part of the turf; making it impossible for another group to claim the turf within the capture timer.  (Note: This includes claiming a turf whilst in an interior (strictly forbidden)).

Policy 9.3: Temporary Ranking
Gangs should not promote members just to capture a turf. (Prior to capturing a turf you should have held a rank capable of capturing a turf for a minimum of 24 hours).

Policy 9.4: Adjacent Turfs
Gangs shall only capture turfs that are adjacent from already captured (or locked gang HQ) turfs.
Exceptions to this rule include the following turfs:

Verona Mall
Mullholland Bank
Los Santos VIP
Santa Maria Pay n' Spray
Los Santos Drug House (pot house across from Ganton Gym)
Turfs located in Flint County & Red County

Gangs which have their locked turf located outside of Los Santos may cap a turf on the boundary of Los Santos (see here for boundary turfs. A boundary turf is defined as any turf which is touching the red outline on that image). From this turf they may then move to adjacent turfs following the normal rules. A gang may located outside Los Santos may only take one boundary turf at a time, unless the other boundary turf they take is adjacent to the boundary turf they already claimed or it is a drug turf).
Gangs are not allowed to claim a turf which is connected to a drug turf ONLY. However, if that drug turf is adjacent to another owned normal turf, the gang is allowed to go through it. (Note: if you claim a drug turf you are not allowed to claim turfs from there if you do not have any turfs connected to that drug turf )

Policy 9.5: Unreachable Roofs
Any roofs that require an object or a vehicle to get too is not allowed.  (Example: pushing a car against a building to jump up, mavericks, ladders, use of rooftop doors, etc).

Policy 9.6: Vehicles In Turf
You may not actively be sitting in a vehicle or driving a vehicle while your gang is attending a turf war. This also applies to factions that are attending the turf.

Policy 9.7: Using DDs & Other Interiors
Entering Dynamic Doors (Both Back Doors & Dynamic Doors with Interiors), Houses, Businesses and Garages is strictly forbidden.

Policy 9.8: Claiming turfs over a point
Gangs are not allowed to claim any turf that is over an active point that is taking place (turfs that are on top of active point boundaries).

Policy 9.9: Alt-Tabbing in Turf
While in turf, you are considered to be a active turf member even if you are tabbed out. Being tabbed in turf will result in a kick.

Policy 9.10: Sniping out side the turf

While in turf, you are not allowed to shoot some one who is inside the turf nor someone who is outside the turf using sniper (Note: if you are sniping you must be with in the turf boundaries or else it will be considered as breaking DGA policies)


Chapter 10: Regulations

Policy 10.1: Representing a Family
This policy's protections and privileges apply only when all involved parties are identified via the /repfam command unless otherwise specified by this policy.

Policy 10.2: Killing on Sight
You are allowed to Kill on Sight in active turfs ( for gangs/families only ).However you must use /repfam if you enter an active turf. You must interact with factions / civilians before you kill them ( KOS is not allowed ). The shooting must stop when the turf ends. (Note: you are allowed to KOS only if you are wearing /repfam if not you will be prisoned for breaking DGA policies)

When does /repfam goes off ?

  • If you die the 
  • If you crash / timeout or /q from the server

(Note : checking if the repfam is on or off is your responsibility always use /repcheck)

Policy 10.3 : Revenge Kill

Revenge kill is not allowed in turfs.


This policy is subject to change at any time by the Director of Game Affairs, Director of Gaming Affairs or the Executive Director.

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