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Andres_de_Fonollosa's Helper Application

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  • SA:MP Full Name:
  • Stats Page 1
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  • How many hours are you online per day?
  • Age
  • What makes you think you're better than the other applicants?
    I remain professional at all times. Being a Community Advisor means being a role model for the rest of the players.
    I Remain active and assistant whenever I can around the map,
    I do not ignore players that ask for Helper's team assistance
    I'd say I'm most productive while working in a team-based environment. I'm constantly trying to come up with ideas that can
    contribute to improving things around me. Can't stand a half-assed job so I try doing my best on any tasks I do.
    I'd say there isn't a secret to success, in the end, it comes to hard work and the ability to learn from mistakes.
    Well I'm very active nowadays, as I've mentioned I'm playing a lot, around 6 hours daily, activity is one of the most important factors.
    Plus I'm a hard worker who once gets the task and never backs down.Also I'm the person who likes to work with a group of people unitedly.
    I will have the opportunity to gain back what I had before as helping players and guiding them throughout the server with their respected and presided requests and questions. Being calm enough and adopting situations by being professional and calm at all matters which I obtain in my personality. Considerations given to every player, Not referring to any statements without proofs and sufficient grounds for their mutes wont be tolerated by me as I had experience as an Admin in prestigious servers and I myself knows that I can do better by being in the Admininistration Team
  • Have you ever been imprisoned or banned, if so why?
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