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Halloween Events Winners 2019

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The Halloween Events Season is now officially over, it's time to name the Event Winners, and award them 

WIth the Prizes they have won.


🎃Halloween Events Winners 2019🎃


1.The Knife Bloodbath


Hood Charles 100 Credits & Jack-o'-lantern Custom Toy 



2.The Death Race


Stefan Legend 150 Credits & 2x Free Car vouchers



3.The Massacre


Erika Akane -  One Month Silver VIP Voucher & 100 Credits 



4.The Dead Hunt (Special DM)



Tony Keleo Steels 100 Credits & Sawnoff Weapon Toy   



Note: All the Winners have been Flagged with the name of the Event. You need to"/Report" In-Game to claim your prizes🎁


Enjoy! 🎃

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