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  1. Haris is not leadership therefore there is no reason to strike Merryweather. Screenshots aren't valid evidence when posting a complaint for KOS. Capturing a point and then leaving isnt a major offense or an offense at all. Input as Merryweather slot holder.
  2. Strike system 3.1 The following post will elaborate on why you might've gotten striked and offenses you should watch out for. 2nd STRIKE = Termination 1st STRIKE = Probation Strikes will be assessed based on your misconduct or by simply breaking the server rules yourself. Any type of imprisonment will get you a strike no matter which rule or how severe it is (if you get banned for hacking you're out for good). 3.2 The strike system will be kept very simple and clear for everybody to understand. 3.3 ONE STRIKE OFFENSES -A Helper/Advisor misses out a day on their activity check unless they have an approved Leave of Absence notice. -A Helper/Advisor answers a random question which should be trashed. -A Helper/Advisor answers a question with no professional dash. 3.4 TWO STRIKE(s) OFFENSES -A Helper/Advisor are fighting with each other over requests. -A Helper/Advisor farms requests (tells a friend of his to ask a question over /newb or /requesthelp to help him out with the requests). 3.5 THREE STRIKE(s) OFFENSES -A Helper/Advisor verbally or in any way insults other team members . -A Helper/Advisor goes on a Leave of Absence without posting or having an approved Leave of Absence notice. -A Helper/Advisor breaks any of the server offenses and gets jailed/banned. Credits to Cruzio for the strike system. *Note, strikes can be given out by Senior Advisors(+) at any given time if they feel you've done something wrong, the ones listed above are the ones that will surely get you a strike.*
  3. Templates 2.1 Only Senior Advisors(+) can handle helper applications. You are not allowed to recommend or post on helper application threads unless permitted to. Every '.' must be filled accordingly with what is contains. Failing to do so will be considered flagrant violation. You will check applications for plagiarism and assess the rest based on your personal knowledge of English. The biggest paragraph (what makes you better) should have at least 150 words so use a word counter to check that. 2.2 APPLICATION ACCEPTED Hello, the Advisory Team of Origin Generation Gaming is glad to inform you that your application has been successfully reviewed and accepted. You have 48 hours to visit our Discord and wait in the according channel for someone to handle your interview. Have a great day. Community Advisor " your name here " 2.3 APPLICATION ON-HOLD Hello, the Advisory Team of Origin Generation Gaming is glad to inform you that your application has been successfully reviewed and put on-hold. You have 48 hours to review your application thoroughly and fix the said issues; • 'Reason' Community Advisor 'your name here' 2.4 APPLICATION DENIED Hello, the Advisory Team of Origin Generation Gaming is sad to inform you that your application has been denied for the following reason(s); • 'Reason' You may re-apply after one week since the post date of you application. Have a great day. Community Advisor 'your name here' 2.5 INTERVIEW PASSED Hello, the Advisory Team of Origin Generation Gaming is glad to inform you that you have successfully passed your interview and now pending set-up. Contact any Senior Advisor(+) or advisory moderator to handle your inquiry. Thank you for your interest in the advisory team! Community Advisor 'your name here' 2.6 PENDING BACKGROUND CHECK Hello, the Advisory Team of Origin Generation Gaming would like to inform you that you are currently pending a background check. Bear with us as we check you admin record to determine if you're fit to join the advisory team. Thank you for your patience. Community Advisor 'your name here' (*Note, background checks will be conducted by admins through the Chief Community Advisor which means only the Chief Advisor is allowed to conduct background checks to ensure maximum safety*). 2.7 INTERVIEW QUESTIONS As you ask these questions, follow their progress and answers, note them down and carefully review their English. 1. Why would you like to become a helper? 2. Why do you think you are a better candidate than the next person? 3. What are your qualities and what could you bring to the advisory team? 4. How long have you been playing for and how would you rate your experience on this server? 5. What faction/gang have you interacted with before and have you even been a part of one?
  4. Basic commands 1.1 Helper(+) commands /ca - advisory team chat (admins can view and reply) /staff - staff chat including all staff members of the server /advisors - the universal way to check the activity of you fellow colleagues /newbquestions - check the amount of incoming questions and answer them according to their unique ID(s) /an - the most basic way to answer a valid newbie question /tn - way of trashing the question without any public display (used when question is not clear or in cases of general abuse) 1.2 Community Advisor(+) commands /caduty - you enable/disable call talking /showrequests - check the amount of incoming requests by other players /accepthelp - universal way of accepting help requests /finishhelp - universal way of ending help requests /mjail - used to prison players breaking rules in general /kick used to kick players breaking rules in general /rhmute - way to mute players from requesting help /nmute - way to mute players from using /newb 1.3 Senior Advisor(+) commands /makeadvisor /takeadvisor 1.4 Rules to abide by (refer to strike system) 1. No general abuse of your position. 2. No farming questions (asking friends to post or answering you own). 3. Do not misuse the /ca and /staff chat, only use when in need of necessary admin assistance. 4. Remain professional during requests. 5. No fighting with over advisors (if you have a dispute, contact and SCA+).
  5. If you have troubles understanding what the policy says, I'll sum it up. No flying in city limits unless you have permission. People have gotten jailed before for it and you're no different.
  6. I don't know who's retarded here. Read the policy.
  7. Your in-game name: Kris Smokaveli Faction's Name: San Andreas Government Date: 07/15/2019 Faction members you're reporting: Akirasuya Hanako Explanation of the report: Blatant breaking of the DGA policy. If this wasn't the first time him doing this, I wouldn't have posted this. Evidence: https://youtu.be/ySaVSbkS5ds
  8. Your in-game name: Kris Smokaveli Administrator's Name: Harambe Date: 07/15/2019 Explanation for your report: He jailed members of an opposing nation even though admins are disallowed to do so. He is supposed to send necessary evidence to someone that is not directly involved in the war to resolve the issue. This is the second time today he is jailing someone like this. Evidence: https://imgur.com/a/oIDCAce
  9. Beretta M92FS, the first option of HK MP5K, the secondary of every individual Mossberg 590 SW, loud breaching option every Merryweather operator. going on mission or patrol duty. used only when lethal force is necessary. ASP F21, non-lethal usage, EDC of every Merryweather operator.