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  1. You've been a great Chief Lee, thanks for your gameplay was great to play with you brothe


  2. Thread updated - Department description added - Ranks added
  3. Feeling great today

  4. SA:MP Full Name Ray Brood Type of Request Other Nature of Request Placement Additional Information I'd like to place DGA request for the LSPD. I need a sub station for our faction to give a faster response from two sides of the city and protect the citizens. Thanks in advance, Ray. Location Marina, at the Medical centre of the STAG (They are being deleted) https://imgur.com/a/856vVcA
  5. In addition Government and LSPD voice channels is a MUST in RP server.
  6. Bren Park has been set as blacklisted for requesting higher ranks many times after being rejected in addition leaving without proper reason.
  7. (Logo of Los Santos Police Department) Los Santos Police Department Los Santos Police Department, often abbreviated LSPD, is a law enforcement agency serving the consolidated metropolitan area of Los Santos, California.Los Santos Police Department, often abbreviated LSPD, is a law enforcement agency serving the consolidated metropolitan area of Los Santos, California. Agency Overview Legal personality Governmental: Government Agency Jurisdictional structure Legal Jurisdicction: Urban Red County, California General Nature: Law enforcement & Civilian police Operational structure Headquarters: 12 Pershing Square, Los Santos, CA 90219 Agency executive: Ivan Lee, Chief of Police Facilities Stations: Los Santos Police Department Lockups: Los Santos City Jail Patrol vehicles 2012 Ford Crown Victoria 2008 Chevrolet Suburan Ranks and Salaries Rank Insigina Salary Chief of Police Salary Deputy Chief of Police Salary Captain Salary Lieutenant Salary Staff Sergeant Salary Sergeant Salary Corporal Salary Senior Officer Salary Officer Salary Cadet Salary Department Structure Office of Administrative Services Chief of Police (Billy Mason) Deputy Chief of Police - Human Resources Services (HR) - Lieutenant - Administrative and Technical Services Bureau - * Public Information Bureau * * Internal Affairs Group * - Office of Operations - - Patrol Bureau - * Traffic Unit * * Crime Unit * - Investigations Unit - - Office of Special Services - * Police Academy * * Specialized Weapons and Training (S.W.A.T)* - Advanced Vehicles Response Bureau - * Aerial Interception Support Unit * * Aquatic Response Unit * * High Speed Ground Interception Unit * LSPD Warnings The Warning list thread contains a list of LSPD members who broke the LSPD faction rules and will be warned & listed here by the following format: Code: Member's Name: Reason: Warning count: Blacklist: Bren_Park: Requesting higher ranks many times after being rejected in addition leaving without proper reason. (3/3) (15/10/2019) If LSPD member reaches the three number of warnings he will be instantly kicked from the faction and will be added to the blacklist. In order to set LSPD member in the blacklist permission from the LSPD Deputy Chief should be granted at first. Note: The thread will only be edited by the LSPD faction management (Human Resources + only able to edit it)
  8. Los Santos Police Department Logs This Logs thread will contain all certain information regarding the list below: Promotions Code: Member: Old Rank: New Rank: Demotions Code: Member: Old Rank: New Rank: Demotion Reason: Dismissals Code: Member: Old Rank: Dismissal Reason: Note: This logs thread will only be managed by the LSPD faction Human Resources(HR Division only able to edit it)
  9. Indeed I would say you can buy only 2000 materials you can do the command at the material spot over and over but the amount materials you will buy at the end of the delivery will remain the same. Not urgent as other bugs I've found, hopefully, I will be able to do something about that if permission will be given.
  10. Currently, I'm selling crafting materials only (mats) I have around 200,000 mats, for now, I'm still working to get more please post here if you're interested.
  11. In-game name: Ray_Brood Player's name whom you are reporting: Omar_Maute Date: 10/12/2019 Rules they broke: Deathmatch without proper reason. Explanation: Today mins ago a player named Omar_Maute playing as a cop duty. That player at first sent me SMS to ask whats my location, so I gave him. He came to me and claimed he is recruiting for the LSPD, told me to get inside his car and so I did. He drove and suddenly stopped nearby the pizza stack, went out of the vehicle and started to shoot me. I guess it's not his first time doing that for newbies he is just unlucky as he did that to me. Evidence: I got no videos but I have no reason to lie about it, it can all be shown by the screenshots I uploaded to Imgur.com. There is a link to all the screenshots in one album, thanks in advance. https://imgur.com/a/Q7z07hv
  12. Hello peep, I'm Osher Hajaj aka Ray_Brood in game. Glad to see you all around the forum, wish us best of luck! :)