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  1. Faction closed until PB high enough.
  2. Noose is closed until a high enough PB is reached.
  3. Your second link does not work. Can you fix it?
  4. Wrong section of forums. Pending @Alan @Guetta
  5. On hold until the 72 hours of downtime are over.
  6. Let me check it out when I get back from my classes and I’ll see what I can do. It’s going to cost a percentage of your wealth if accepted.
  7. Blacklisted From Factions Hood Charles - Randomly Wanting Users - Blacklisted until 12/1/19
  8. Gang Application Requirements To apply for a gang, the applying leader must meet the following criteria Must be at least level 5. Must speak English and be able to communicate with others well. Must have a reasonable record here. (Low amount of jails, not banned). Must be active in the community and in the discord. The gang itself must meet the following criteria The gang must have at least 4 members when applying. (This may include the leader). The gang must have another leader under the slot holder in case problems with the leader arise. Role-play screenshots must be included in the application. When applying Do not copy and paste from other sources. This is plagiarism and you will be blacklisted. Keep your application clean and make sure it looks neat. Ask others for support. The more support, the bigger chance of your gang being accepted. Do not be in OOC jail or under punishment. This will be an instant denial of your application.
  9. I'll give you until the server opens, and if it opens before 48 hours, you have 48 hours from the time it is opened.
  10. We are currently open to applications. Read this before applying.
  11. Blacklisted Users JoeySlice - Plagiarism - Blacklisted until October 18th Sweet Johnson - Plagiarism - Indefinite Blacklist
  12. After reviewing your application, we have decided to deny your application for the following reason: Plagiarism You have been blacklisted from applying for gang leadership as well.
  13. After reviewing your application, we have decided to put it on hold for the following reason: Needs RP screenshots Put more effort into the application. It is very bare bones. You have 48 hours to review and edit your application. If not fixed, you application will be denied.
  14. Master Faction List LSPD Slot Holder: TBA FDSA Slot Holder: TBD