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  1. SA:MP Full Name Carly Conan Leopard House ID 298 Additional Information https://imgur.com/lchH3wL , please check activity of this house owner if avaliable i want to move my house to that place Location https://imgur.com/Dto8D9X
  2. I think Wrong ID just a small misake and it's natural because admin is not perfect human . And this problem is not suitable here . This should be CLOSED :)
  3. SA:MP Full Name Carly Leopard Type of Request Dynamic Door Nature of Request Move Additional Information DD move https://imgur.com/tflYyCs and https://imgur.com/DZfGdaI Location https://imgur.com/DZfGdaI and https://imgur.com/V84WP2j
  4. Neutral for now , Still pending for the roleplay
  5. Hunger system My Carly Leopard only suggests a few changes to this server to make it better. That is '' Hunger System '' I strongly recommend that on our server there is a hunger system so that more roleplay imagine me we in the real world have a hunger limit and if we are very hungry we might be able to die. And in this server we have a restaurant can be useful for our server. And if it is accepted, I suggest to present it with the location on the lower left to be exact.And from what I see we accept account transfers from NGG server, like NGG server that have a hunger system.Like :Hungry - Satisfied Starving and etc
  6. This URL : https://imgur.com/0CHs4MG is pointed on right side of this https://imgur.com/KaMVabr
  7. SA:MP Full Name Rob Tokyo Type of Request Dynamic Door Nature of Request Placement Additional Information Garage ID 2641 https://imgur.com/kqOvPW1 . Before i claim the house ID 238 https://imgur.com/z7b5BQO , So can i own of this garage too? This garage owner is inactive players Location https://imgur.com/ts5gOyd
  8. Carly

    Mass Unban

    Long Live OGG!