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  1. Yeah buddy. https://discord.gg/3dFaJXs
  2. In-game name: Tom_Youngman Player's name whom you are reporting: Tik_Tok_Maddox Date: 10/20/2019 Rules they broke: Crackshooting in a RP gunfight Explanation: Pretty much, we were in a gunfight when i pulled my deagle and shot him, he decided to use the CS feature to win the battle. Evidence: https://youtu.be/dffYjHzSbVg
  3. A. Anderson - (L) Dom Anderson B. Blackwood - (L) Oxer De Blackwood (Co - L) Robert De Blackwood Rexzar De Blackwood Henry De Blackwood Jacob De Blackwood Eyan De Blackwood C. Cobra - (L)Roy Gucci Cobra, Stifler Cobra D. Demon - (L)Sherlock King Demon E. F. G. H. I. J. K. L. Malone - (L)Luke Malone, Alex Malone M. Moretti - (L)Lorenzo Moretti N. O. P. Parker-(L)Annah_Parker Q. R. Raidens - (L)Max Raidens Reyes - (L)Tomas Reyes Ryder - (L)Mateo Ryder Riccitelli - (L)Kevin Riccitelli S. Swagg - (L)Jack Swagg Swift - (L)Ron Swift T. U. V. W. X. Y. Youngman - (L)Tom Youngman Yamaguchi - (L)Andy Yamaguchi Z.
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