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  1. dude, i have the right to claim that spot, however you don't, i posted the evidences and stuff, providing that i posted my request before you do. that's unfair.. c'mon
  2. it's true it was empty, but i have posted my request before you do so yeah.. @Harrison then who placed that house you sold to Joey Slice on my spot?
  3. also an other evidence, you can check this out - so the guy requested to claim the house, and he did, you can check out the map on those two screenshots, https://prnt.sc/ocqpmj / https://imgur.com/E4gaJAJ , compaire the locations, do you think it's the same location? mhm, i don't think so.. also i have posted the DGA request before Kruvisco posts his DGA request, you can check out the date from the links provided. guess why am mentioning that guy? i am mentioning him because Joey Slice told me that he bought the house from Kruvisco and he just placed the house over the spot i have picked and used to post my DGA request. so yeah, make sure to check out the entire list of DGA Requests and House requests then process the request, thanks! once again, i want to claim my flagged house and place it on the location mentioned over here https://imgur.com/stVcEN9
  4. who placed* the house? https://gyazo.com/00a8bb36985793d0a1114570b5206190 well, check out the Explanation and read it carefuly, i didn't ask for the logs. i asked why'd you placed the house on that spot exactly without even checking out the forums or whatever it is. it's true, someone just placed the house over that spot without checking out the house requests section, however that's not my fault, that's yours and the admin who placed the house. i don't care for the time being. i need my house placed asap. thanks
  5. Your in-game name: Pyke Murphy Administrator's Name: Slice Date: 07/11/2019 Explanation for your report: alright so basicaly, i got my flagged house placed by Brandon, Townsend was behind me when it's processing. anyways, i logged in after a day or two days, i didn't find out my house, someone just deleted it. the thing is i found an other house spot in Marina which is an empty house spot.. i was about to place my house there but i recognized that i have to post a DGA Request, before doing it, i checked out the whole DGA requests including the house requests.. didn't find out any DGA request posted through that place.. so yeah, i posted the DGA request and then, Slice placed a house for Joey Slice without even a Forum Request, i was arguing about this matter then he just interrupted saying, " i place house if it's approved from forum, thank's / chekc all forum house inactivity thank's " and then, he requested the screenshots of the date and the location, i just sent the screenshots instantley, i did not have any reponse.. Evidence: those are the DGA request screenshots: https://imgur.com/DdAjn3m https://imgur.com/stVcEN9 https://imgur.com/E4gaJAJ also check this out: https://gyazo.com/e34e4af83a6532d64715a04527737a3e
  6. don't delete this thread, that's the main thread. sorry for spamming the other threads, i mistakely pressed " Enter " twice.
  7. SA:MP Full Name Pyke Murphy Type of Request Other Nature of Request Other Additional Information i'm willing to place my flagged house on this spot mentioned down below on the screenshot,i had it placed then someone deleted it for no reason. Townsend tried to replace it but there was a bug. Location https://imgur.com/E4gaJAJ https://imgur.com/DdAjn3m https://imgur.com/stVcEN9