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  1. Kaniel talk/cry every where even in vip chat and I dont wanna see you anymore If I saw you, you getting dm'ed by me
  2. Bro, It was an IC Matter why would you put it in Forums, Butthurts, We were just having a road trip and we will just have a gas and then ur members started to shoot us so we fight back, You should post the whole story of the vid bro.
  3. As I've seen in the server there are no casino's around and I want this to be approved, Every Dice Better, High Roller are playing everywhere and it is non-rp We must have a place to play dice and more casino games as it is in the script. Lets use the full system's in script and If there are no dice better we can use /slots to play in the casino This is a very good system that developed by NGG dev's and We want it to be putted in game Thanks Appreciated y'all. #LONGLIVEOGG! If you want to get the coords of this interior you can hit me up!
  4. SA:MP Full Name Hatake_T_Takahashi Type of Request Business Nature of Request Other Additional Information This is a Suggestion on the Server, Casino System is in the script while it is not used in game {/slots and many more cmds} . Every dicebetter have a place now not just averywhere, Location https://imgur.com/a/JTV20bw
  5. SA:MP Full Name Hatake_T_Takahashi House ID 1562 Additional Information The Player is Inactive or not In the server I want to claim this house. Thanks! <3 Location https://imgur.com/a/4yyp6IM
  6. The image is updated now https://imgur.com/a/Hy18GI6 and the house id is 788 @Brandon
  7. SA:MP Full Name Tyrell_Michallz House ID 1579 Additional Information Player is Inactive or not registered, I want to claim this house, Location https://imgur.com/a/Hy18GI6
  8. SA:MP Full Name Hatake_T_Takahashi Type of Request Other Nature of Request Placement Additional Information I want to own this compound again, I bought this in NGGv2, Location https://imgur.com/a/DTQU5U3