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  1. User is banned. Post a new DGA request once you get unbanned.
  2. Businesses can't be claimed. You need to post a RP thread to claim a business or buy them in DGA auctions.
  3. Approved. Contact a SA+ ingame to process.
  4. Please post location of the house/where you want to place one. Pending Poster.
  5. Businesses can't be claimed. You'll need to make a RP thread and then ask for one. Closed.
  6. Contact a SA+ to process these flagged items ingame. Approved.
  7. No answer from the poster. Closed.
  8. Please provide a screenshot of where the compound is. Pending Poster.
  9. Businesses can't be claimed. Closed.
  10. Approved. Report ingame for a SA+ to process it. EDIT : Processed ingame.
  11. Denied and blacklisted for plagiarism. Don't bother posting another application for one month.
  12. Denied and blacklisted for plagiarism. Don't bother posting another gang application for 1 month.
  13. The doors are reserved for a DGA auction. Closed.
  14. DIRECTOR OF GAME AFFAIRS Jupiter ASSISTANT DIRECTOR OF GAME AFFAIRS Reyes Director of Faction Management - Director of Gang Management - Faction Moderators - Gang Moderators -