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  1. i will quit when u gonna proof that beautiful story .. Kid
  2. first learn how to talk u moron . give evidence.. if that backwood guy was wanted .. and only ur the one taking ur tazer nice binds btw . no rp with suspect .. rply how do u know that is the wanted person that you need ? rply u have to know him .. nice joke .. abusing faction powers against players .. this is a rp server not a fucking joke dm server ..
  3. another rule brake i found it form faction complain section
  4. non rp tazing can u taze all with out inform ? where is the rp with the blackwood guy ? what is the reason u gonn taze him ?
  5. i accept when i have reports .. MG no rp to taze ..and and non respectable .. https://imgur.com/a/8oGum6u https://imgur.com/a/hZcvisL Non rp razing ... first he need to rp with suspect .. no rp u can see it from ss
  6. Processed: DD id 2461 DD Id 700 Placed as request
  7. @Gyth RyahiRead this my brother 🙂
  8. opps oka oka am also waiting for it 🤣
  9. ha ha nice joke , i asked em because still i am a GA. don't act like a child .. And also you told that you called for backup so please show me some proof to trust ur word ..
  10. there is not some admins, famingo ask from me and i told he shoot a gang member .. but i was sleep @ night . u had somany reports in ig and i have proof and here is the dga policy check .u flew around temple with sparrow.. as dga policies in my knowledge there is no any government Hq around the temple .Please correct me if i am wrong thank you .evidence are given below https://imgur.com/a/1WrfxTA