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  1. SA:MP Full Name Nyannyan_Snow Type of Request Dynamic Gate Nature of Request Placement Additional Information Request add gate 19862 in House ID 502 Location Flint County Stats time and more crap
  2. Nayana




  3. #1 -Can Someone Provide Full info of Business Command? I'm having hard time /help from Business command ? that show none in category # 2 also how to picklock the cuff? #3 /dicebet gone?
  4. In Game name : Nyannyan Snow Type of Suggestion : -In Game Suggestion : - Spawned time deduction Description of Suggestion Spawned time deduction only Being Saved by EMS/Medic. via /deliverpt Instead 30 seconds revived time make it 10~15 seconds weapon will be not Confiscated. only Rescue by the EMS Why? Reason is simple they wait for ems comming or wait until they die.
  5. Majority Vote Yes on Sawn off  and No Sniper at Arms Dealer Job lvl 5 Implement this

    Survey Result

  6. /pickveh - Disable and Drug dealer job at Viplocker Evidence Screen Shot taken
  7. Bug at Hospital id:790 +243 - it may /deliverpt but patient falling it has interior no counter to buy insurance incomplete int
  8. No Gang Benefit just Arms lvl 5 stop screwing my suggestion - gang already have spas-12 in gang locker no sawn off pls FFS
  9. NyanNyan

    Mass Unban

    Banned yesterday Mass Unban today Hmm
  10. Just make sure turn off your Aimbot and aim assist. Also Required weapon dealer lvl 5 skill to make one sawn off