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  1. Darvin has been fined 400,000,000$'s for this compound
  2. @Kaito your request has been denied. Reason : The Owner of this house is active.
  3. @mello kindly review it . This was used to be a gang spot.
  4. @Kaito There was no business placed herr before. Who moved it here? @oxer need logs of business ID 13 who moved it and who used to own it.
  5. This thread has been closed. Thus no actions should be taken except @John Wilkos because of his abusive behavior towards the staff, therefore he has been muted for a specific time period from posting any content.
  6. @Max Bluman he bought that sparrow how ever he's flying with-in the city limits and using on ground units thus his sparrow will be deleted. He'll be Jailed for 40 minutes reason (breaking DGA policy) This thread is now closed.
  7. @Osher sms me in-game I'll buy them my RP account Alan_Devil.
  8. @danielsatoo Kindly speak only when you're mentioned or involved in the complain's. Next time you'll receive a penalty. In this evidence it's clearly shown that The Kingx Society has broken major and minor both rules of the server. Therefore, they'll be receiving three strikes for their continuous rule breaking actions. Sankey Kingx will be fined 70% from his total wealth for breaking the server rules constantly and for (Hacking) as well. 1. Sankey (Slot Holder) Using rapid fire with sniper. (Hacking) - 1st Strike 2. Their Slot Holder's (Sankey's) badge was off during the point capture thus he was caught crack shooting in it. (Gun Discharge Exploit) - 2nd Strike 3. Death Matching after the point ended. 'Sankey' - (Warned) 4. Using weaponized vehicle on an active point 'Sankey' (Breaking DGA policy) - 3rd Strike However, The Kingx Society will be disbanded for receiving three consecutive strikes @mello @Sherlock Shut them down.
  9. @John Wilkos in this video it clearly shows that Megan_B_Makaveli shooted the car non-rply with his (/badge on) abuse of power. That happened before they said pull over which was an actuall rp call from SA GOV but they acted fast and you non-rply tried to escape and they shoot at that time so both you and SA gov broke a very straight and simple rule. Therefore, no action will be taken here. On the other hand Ninou was shooting your vehicle tho he wasnt involved in the situation directly and if he's a part of gov that'd still be counted as Death Matching 1. Megan_B_Makaveli will be jailed for 20 mins (level 5 player) FC+PG(Breaking DGA policy) 2. Ninou will be jailed for 30 minutes (level 50+) Death Matching
  10. @Kaito Firstly, No this isn't my compound. Secondly, this is the compound of Miss. @Snow which is still pending DD placement, which was refunded. @DarvinHubert your request is declined.
  11. @Kaito I the evidence you provided has nothing like aimbot in it at all because if he's aimbotting it'd be pretty obvious in the videos plus you were shooting while youre not moving so is he. Even if it was a silent aim his shots supposed to be perfect instead of misses 🙂 kindly provide more evidence regarding this issue with-in 24 hours otherwise this thread will be closed.