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  1. pending Director of Public Relations @Diamond, Chief of Adviser @lonely
  2. @Jacob_Sativa Your request has been closed. Kindly post refund request in Refunds section.
  3. @Eyan your request has been closed. Kindly post refunds request in refund section.
  4. No evidence was provided in the given time, therefore this complaint is now CLOSED
  5. @Apollo, @Akira Hanako is the DOGA. as for @Winterfield what sort of abuse Apollo is talking about. @Apollo you've 24 hours to post an evidence related to this complain, otherwise it will be closed.
  6. Your request has been denied, reason: "You need a flag dd to claim a dd"
  7. This thread has been closed Reasons. 1. Irrelevant complaint with false evidence 2. Abusing staff member, using vulgar / abusive language. ChapSuey will recieve warning points for his behavior and attitude.
  8. This complaint regarding staff member was false, thus this thread is now closed due to irrelevant evidence.
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    Host need's to be changed, it should be somewhere in mid ( UK , EU )
  10. Your request has been denied, Kindly post a proper business rp thread for claiming a business with a minimum of 20 million budget.
  11. General, @Xu_Lin_Mae kindly review his request.
  12. Kindly post relevant evidence regarding your complain, if you death matched a person I want to see your Role play situation please (that you role played to kill him provide that screen shot that it's a rp situation and not a dm) @Townsend
  13. National Office of Security Enforcement Recruitment Status : CLOSED (Inactive) NOTE : The recruitment status of National Office of Security Enforcement is open for all the citizen's of either New Robada or San Andrea's whoever wish's to join us may proceed with a forums request, otherwise if you come to us without forums approval we will blacklist you. There are limited seat's remaining.
  14. National Office of Security Enforcement Personal Information In Game Details : 1. First Name : 2. Last Name : 3. Age : 4. Gender : 5. Phone Number : 6. Date of Birth : In Game Crime Record : Have you ever committed a crime? If so then why. Have you ever been involved in a terrorist or gang activity? Stats : Kindly post a screen shot of (/stats) page 1 and 2 Biography : Write a short biography about yourself and why should we choose you over other applicants? (minimum 50 words)
  15. National Office of Security Enforcement Official Handbook Introduction N.O.O.S.E which is also known as the "National Office of Security Enforcement" has been well known around San Andreas and beyond, as a terrorist organization which was only bringing fear in people's minds when they ever saw them coming near the borders of San Andreas. Things took a wild turn ever since General "Xu Lin Mae" took over the organization. As time passed by She made the organization a private military base to act as an an-ti terrorism force. Meanwhile, crimes in San Andreas started to increase because S.T.A.G turned and have broken the contract with the Government, joining the Rebels located in New Robada." So, General Mae decided to make a treaty with the SA Government. However, a well paid contract was signed between SA Government and N.O.O.S.E that we will be defending the government against the terrorism and giving them jurisdiction on all San Andreas territories "ALASQUATRO!". "This Handbook is being made to remind everyone that “N.O.O.S.E” is not going to be the unprofessional organization that it has been for many years now and is seeking for a new and fresh beginning." 2. Vehicles and Ranks/Divisions that may operate the said vehicle. 2.1 Sultan: Master Sergeant+/G.D,TnR,V.E.T,S.W.A.T Divisions 2.2 FBI Rancher: Private First Class+/Patrol,G.D,V.E.T,TnR,S.W.A.T Divisions 2.3 FBI Truck:Sergeant+/G.D,V.E.T,TnR,S.W.A.T Divisions 2.4 Police Ranger:Corporal+/G.D,V.E.T,TnR Divisions 2.5 Rhino((Tank)):Sergeant First Class+/V.E.T Division 2.6 Predator((Police Boat)):Sergeant First Class+/V.E.T,TnR,S.W.A.T,Patrol,G.D Divisions 2.7 Maverick: Corporal+/AIR Division 2.8 Hunter: Sergeant First Class+/AIR Division 2.9 Hydra: Master Sergeant+/AIR Division 3. Firearms and Ranks/Divisions that may operate them. 3.1 Desert Eagle (( Firearm Class I )): Private First Class+/Any Division 3.2 Mp5 ((Firearm Class II) Corporal+/G.D,V.E.T,S.W.A.T 3.3 M4a1 ((Firearm Class III)) Sergeant+/G.D,V.E.T,S.W.A.T 3.4 Sniper Rifle ((Firearm Class III)) Sergeant First Class+/V.E.T,S.W.A.T 3.5 Combat Shotgun ((Firearm Class III)) Sergeant First Class+/V.E.T,S.W.A.T 3.6 Kevlar Vest Private First Class+/Any Division 3.7 Tazer Private First Class+/Any Division 3.8 Cuffs Private First Class+/Any Division 3.9 Katana Private First Class+/Any Division 4. Duties of every individual by Rank and Division + Uniforms. 4.1 Private First Class(Patrol – Only Division which you can be in) Hello, hello I believe you have just started your career in the “National Office of Security Enforcement”. Your career begins at the lowest rank, which is the Private First Class and the only division that you may currently be assigned to is “Patrol”. You will only be able to use a “firearm class I” and patrol only with a partner. 4.2 Corporal(Any Division except V.E.T and AIR) Welcome to the big league, your probation has now ended and you can now take your first steps in patrolling alone and taking full responsibility for your own actions. 4.3 Sergeant(Any Division) You are now progressing in the ranks and are allowed to carry a heavier firearm and operate the FBI Truck. 4.4 Staff Sergeant(Any Division) Congratulations, you may now be allowed to take control of your own division, being it G.D or Patrol division. 4.5 Sergeant First Class(Any Division) Congratulations, you may now operate a new vehicle,you may as well use the Department Radio only under the circumstances that a higher up is not on duty((online)) at this very moment. 4.6 Master Sergeant(Any Division) Congratulations Soldier!!! You are now a Master Sergeant and may use a heavier firearm and operate a new vehicle, you may as well lead the S.W.A.T division and use the department radio if no higher up is on duty((online)) only!!! You are more trusted then ever. 4.7 First Sergeant(Any Division) You are a remarkable soldiers to who only the lower ranks can look up to. You basically have full control on mostly everything except the aircrafts((unless you are in the said division)). You may use the department radio only if there is no higher up on duty((online)) at that given moment!!! You may also take control of the TnR Division. 4.8 Sergeant Major(Any Division) You are a soldier that is ready to do anything for the organization and will never go back on your word. You are a person that doesn’t give up easy and hard work is as if giving you a high five. You do not question any order no matter how absurd it can be. You may also now take control of the AIR Division. You may use the Department radio at any given moment. 4.9 Command Sergeant Major(Any Division) You are the right hand of the General, no one is as trusted as you are, you may operate any vehicle or firearm and basically carry the General’s word. You may now take the leadership of the V.E.T division. You may use the Department radio at any given moment. 4.10 General (Any Division) You are the General, you know what to do!!! Any Clothing that the General sees fit