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  1. Akkju man i tought im unban


  2. CLOSED Next time Provide More Liable Evidences. Read the Complaint Guidelines
  3. Do you have a video? These logs are not enough to Get any action. Reply within 24 hours.
  4. Moved to Faction Complaint Section
  5. He's not breaking Any server offense So please try to contact the DOGA
  6. Creating a Complaint (Guidelines & Information) This thread will help as the official guidelines, when creating a complaint. Everyone must follow all these rules before Posting a Complaint, please contact the Director or Assistant Director Of Community Inquiries or Complaint Moderators if you have any question. Server Offenses What's a Complaint? A complaint is another way for you to report a player(s) that might have broken our server rules and destroyed your game-play experience. You should post a proper complaint, if you want actions to be taken to be on the Rule Beaker. Most of the complaints made, under 'Player Complaints' section which will be handled by the complaint moderators of the Department Of Community Inquires, more information can be read below. Creating A Complaint. Before creating a complaint, you need to ensure that the following criteria match: Valid evidence that proving the accused player might be clearly cheating/Rule Breaking. Also Make sure to check your youtube video link is published, we can't see it if it's set to Private. If you're uploading a long video, it would be better if you show us in which time (/timestamp) (/time)you think the accused cheated/Rule Broke on. (Ex: At 5:22 he Death-Matched.) When you've submitted a Complaint: We receive a lot of complaints, your complaint should be reviewed within 48 hours average. Don't report In-Game or contact any complaint moderators to look at your complaint, wait patiently till it get reviewed.(Don’t try to Speed up the Process up By Contacting In-Game or on another way) Your complaint will be closed immediately if no valid evidences are presented, valid evidence must be: 1. Screenshots/Pictures 2. Videos 3. Valid Statements Videos or screenshots must be clear showing the accused breaking a server offense, and must be unedited. It means that your screenshots cannot be cropped, edited, blurred at all, same goes with videos. Posting On Complaint: If you are not the poster, or the accused and is not involved in the situation of the complaint, do not post replies on complaints. If you are a witness or involved in the situation and have proper evidences to give insight into the situation then you may post on complaints. Act in a respectful and good manner, don't be disrespectful, don't spam, troll or post useless stuff or argue in a stupid and off-topic manner, you will risk being banned on forums if you do so. Also Don’t Post Multiple Threads in same topic. Complaint Moderators list: Lead Complaint Moderator: Marshall Complaint Moderators: Harambe
  7. CLOSED We Can't get any action without Knowing the Name of the Rule breaker.
  8. Do you have the Video of the Whole Situation? Because this Video is Not Enough to take an action.
  9. Akkju

    Mass Unban