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  1. Hey guys, This is Harrison Wells, So you have heard I'm the biggest drug smuggler in town. So I'm offering you guys 1.5 Kg's of Vitamin.H. Kindly, Place your bids. or place an order for more stuff.
  2. SA:MP Full Name Harrison_Wellss House ID 69 Additional Information I'll have it if the owner is inactive Location with /time (https://prnt.sc/odsg10)
  3. Accidently posted 2 app this one is valid.
  4. @Pyke Yupp you're probably right.
  5. May I see the request you have posted please @Pyke It would be kind of you Sir.
  6. SA:MP Full Name Harrison_Wellss House ID Empty Additional Information I want to Claim this property Location Dillimore (https://prnt.sc/odqha4)
  7. Sorry buddy I can't recall. @Pyke Must check IG logs.
  8. I claimed the house because it was Empty and Slice didn't placed it for it . I don't quite remember who was it But It wasn't Slice. Here's the proof it was empty. https://prnt.sc/odq105 @Slice He helped me with this house only. https://prnt.sc/odq2y5