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  1. Roleplay please. Thank you and Goodluck
  2. With your respect, well, You saw it on the video the offense he have done. That's how Aimbot works, then if you are the programmer then - You have hacks too? that is not detected by the server's security.
  3. Well, Are you even involve in this complaint? I can elaborate you, Aimbot works via the bullets follows the character/body of the player. It locks the player's character. On what you are talking the mindfuck of yours. Don't just involve yourself, son. So, you wanna be his alibi or maybe witness? " his whole body's rotate in your direction" This statement is what mindfucks you, okay? I know you know how does Aimbot work, son. - Don't reply if you don't want to get involve, just let them respond here, they are the responder and not you. and I think that, ANY responder/Witness is not involved in the actual situation doesn't have right to just respond freely, Give me your evidence too if you will stand as his witness.
  4. SA:MP Full Name Michael Mason Type of Request Other Nature of Request Other Additional Information To burn the HQ of Hells Angel MC and Bad Boys Society - Roleplay. I want to promote the Roleplay that's why. Location Grove Street Families Gang Leader(SH)
  5. Your in-game name: Michael Mason Faction's Name: LSPD Date: 07/07/2019 Faction members you're reporting: Mosashi Hanako Explanation of the report: Aimbotting - Shooting outside the turf Evidence: https://youtu.be/7Ap14bceLu4