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  1. my proof will be diffrent then you give me your proofs
  2. Your in-game name: Jade_Masion Administrator's Name: Adem_Townsend ( Townsend ) Date: 08/14/2019 Explanation for your report: he jailed me when i'm on duty ( cop ) and he aimed at me my duites says i should to attack him then charge him and arrest him because that's meaning of attempt to murder also he is power gaming i've RPed to him before kill him and after killing him also he is ignoring my RP also he says (( i hold you under gun you couldent move and without RP )) i want this admin get fired from adminteam and helper team Evidence: https://i.imgur.com/I3MLPGY.png https://i.imgur.com/4OitqCg.png
  3. Your in-game name: JadeMasion Administrator's Name: Oxer Date: 07/19/2019 Explanation for your report: some one killed me for no reason means DM i left him i went to him IN OOC sutation i told him /b ((you deserv /fuku)) he started insulting me i started to kill him as new sutation in IC cuz he insulted as i forget 30 mins of my memorie then he started new sutation and admin jailed me KOS i was MC i want to shoot that guy who insult me but i wrong shoot i gave him 1-4 damage he was ugly and jailed me becuase he is not man Evidence: https://i.imgur.com/Pbx74fW.png
  4. SA:MP Full Name Jade_Maison House ID 1014 Additional Information Kindly check if the house inactive, Since I don't own any Houses I want to claim it as my own. Screenshot with /time . Location https://imgur.com/a/uTz0kRA
  5. i want FullWeaponSet and that guy get Faction Kick and never back to it cuz he let some one kill me when i killedh im that PD killed me and he gave me M4A1 like like he correct his fault
  6. First Name: Jade Middle Name: - Surname: Masion Age: 34 Date of Birth: 1984/05/03 Gender: Male Phone Number: -745 Home Address: Glen Park Section II - Criminal Records Do you currently have a Criminal Record? If so, why?: 3 Crimes When NEAF and LSPD in war Are you currently convicted of any crime? If so, why?: N/A Do you have any minor traffic offences/tickets from any Police Department?: N/A Have you ever been in a Prison? If so, why?: 1 time by NEAF when they catched me inside the war Have you ever gone to a Federal Interview/Court? If so, why?: N/A Section III - Licenses and Records Do you possess a valid Driver’s License?: Yes Do you possess a valid FireArms License?: Yes Do you possess any knowledge about Policing? Yes How long have you lived in San Andreas?: Yes Have you ever been in any previous Law Enforcement Agency? If so, remove the cross in the questions below: Do you posses your Employer’s Name? [X] N/A Do you possess your Employer’s address? [X] N/A Do you possess your Employer’s Phone Number? [X] N/A Do you possess your Employer’s Rank in the Agency and Status? [X] N/A Section IV - Further Background Check Write your Life Biography (minimum of 50 words): Jade Masion, Born in San Fairro, His father Mark Masion, His mother Melly Masion. Jade love his grandparents Jeff and Kelly . Jade every end of week went to thier house and spend all day talking, he started that when he is young at 7 years old. Now after 21 years he still compliting visting thier grandparent his age now 27. Jeff told him to be a member with Los Santos Police Departemnt, Jade tell him as he is living in San Fairro and his father working in SFPD but his Grandpa want him to be in Los Santos Police Department. Jade was happy he is will be Police officer. His father took him to old army school he when he is young. Jade had train of his fahter, teachers teach Jade as well they teached him first how to grab gun then how to put the stack in his right chestplate, After that how to use the trigger and shoots. It takes 1 year to lern and use it for all weapons heavy and small. Now Jade came from San Fairro and he lived there like 6 years now in Los Santos and in that time he is compliting his ways, he took the Drive Licenses and the Airplane Licenses. After 5 years he got a message from his Father says your grandfather died today come to your funeral is forbidden by your grandfather, After his coming he know his Grandfather trust him to be Police officer in Los Santos. After that he back to LSPD and he went to make a Application to be A member like his father told him before back. i trust you my Son be ready i see you like a member in LSPD Write a personal statement on your goals: I want to protect the town from robberys and terrorist also and who sell drugs to protect our people and my best goal and i'll work hard for it it's make the city safly from problems be active accept calls of people and know their problems to help them Write what your good at and can benefit us: i ain't meet people or high commanders with ugly face even with crimenals when i catch them i tell them theirfualtsd i'll try everytime to be active to help my members and my chief and my high commands Why shold we choose you over other applicants? (minimum of 50 words): I've trained with High commands army in Los Santos and in San Fairro also i'm good shooter i have exprience in shooting skills my eyes good at aiming, super moterbike driver and sportcars too also i'm trying to be better one by working hard everyday Why would you fit into our Police Force? (minimum of 50 words): I love the Police Forces becuase they are better than Roboda Forces and i'm trying to be helper with them i can't help them so much becuase their works refuse make civilian walk with them or work too that's why i'm trying to be helper in members and helper in the townthhier Section V - Declaration I, Jade Masion i agree with all Los Santos Police Department rules and i understand all Sanctions that reach an eternal prison or execution and stop the court and i'm ready if The faction refused me that's means i need to work hard more works to be accepted and i'll be active everytime when i got accept and make this town safely from all bad guys,terrorist,robberys,drug delears and serve our people and our town
  7. Your in-game name: Jade_Masion Faction's Name: LSPD Date: 07/14/2019 Faction members you're reporting: Fradind_Marcos Explanation of the report: Killing-Dming-RKing for no reason only say change your clothes and i'm free in this town and she started killing me and she left Evidence: https://youtu.be/eV2Ky6LigGw