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  1. SA:MP Full Name edgar mofujohn the retiredadmin Type of Request Other Nature of Request Placement Additional Information so recently I just won a free house from giftbox, and I am very proud and happy. https://imgur.com/txfompP Location https://imgur.com/hLZbhAF https://imgur.com/6rLAKNk https://imgur.com/ZYISgaF https://imgur.com/JeT6YIf https://imgur.com/GHKoWJS
  2. Do you want my HQ at commerce kid?
  3. learn how to make a cool gif retard kid

  4. My nigga kris! supported yall active enough!
  5. Edgar

    Paint Ball

  6. No one talk shit wid my nigga theo and silex, im gonna destroy yall bitch ass
  7. This isn't the gang I'm waiting for, sorry I can't provide support but good luck.
  8. That is the reason why theres a rulles named Sniper DM. But yeah dont put it on Arms Dealwe job even it Level 5. But put it back on the gang.