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  1. Tac Rush

    Mass Unban

    Tacky will be here as always <3 #BackToOgg2017
  2. Alicia is still alive? Good to know
  3. Neutral. I'll be waiting that is needed to be updated : Roleplay, the hood, and the Members.
  4. I need these compounds, this will be my last thing to have fun and to roleplay around. I'll be making my family thread once again, re-opening 'The Rush Corporation', we'll be using those compounds once again so we can have a Roleplay Thread for my Family Slot once again.
  5. Addition : https://imgur.com/a/vnmY9up ( Here are some pics of my compounds, As you can see my DDs are gone, and Samuel owned the dd back, He owned that before but I got it because of his inactivity. I don't know what really happened, so please help me to solve this out, A lot of my friend welcomed me to be back inside the community, they need me. )
  6. SA:MP Full Name Tac Rush Type of Request Dynamic Door Nature of Request Other Additional Information I want to reclaim my old compounds at LS and SF. Back to ogg 2016, Me as a Slot Holder of my family before and my members used to roleplay on my properties before, making them as our HQ/Hideout. Location If we can just open the old forum, I will have the ss. Some of my friends can tell that I really owned it. I just want my properties to be back so we can roleplay more inside the community, it'll be okay even tho I cant have 3b back. I will try to make a Gang Application so I can have my Family Slot back. Everyone knows me well when Im still very active.
  7. Even i dont know you, ill be replying here because you're fully wrong. Every server have some difficulties, yea thats all.
  8. A Golden NO. Put some efforts please.