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  1. If I should be terminated for something I didn't do - you should all be banned for constant DMing.
  2. Just stating the obvious mate. If you think this is funny, you must be having some mental issues or something, nothing personal, just telling my personal opinion.
  3. Technically it wasn't abuse since only PD Internal Affairs or FBI officials can put charges on officers. If RAF want to charge someone, they should request a different wanted system for their faction.
  4. Well guess what bud, Roy already prisoned me although I don't think he had the permission to. Your FC is irrelevant.
  5. With all do respect, I involve myself in this because I'm a programmer(the whole aimbot thing is made via c#(duh, .cs scripts)), as well as intermediate involvement in game development and networking. I wasn't present when this happened, but I can give a somewhat professional opinion in Mosashi's defense. Whether or not it's accepted depends on the administrator who will handle the complaint. /nothing personal lad, just hate to see false statements based on concepts one does not fully understand/
  6. If he was using aimbot his whole body'd rotate in your direction, as that's how aimbot works. Simply said, it's your download speed that's caused you to think that Mosashi is hacking - the ping is a bit high and it takes time to load what's happening, thus the whole motherload of damage mindf*cks you.
  7. That's one way to talk to one of the few pd members who actually roleplays and tries to make the faction follow the server rules.
  8. Diamond should just close RAF, there's literally no point in having that faction - they don't even roleplay a thing, just drive around, asspull and deathmatch.