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  1. SA:MP Full Name Levi_Stax Type of Request Other Nature of Request Placement Additional Information iwanna use my flagged gate Location ---------------
  2. Staff Roster Diamond - Director of Public Relation Joker - Director of Advisory Alice Rodriguez -Chief Community Advisor Joey Slice - Senior Community Advisor[NA] Charless Glasscock - Senior Community Advisor[OC] Lexi Lore - Senior Community Advisor [EU] Kray Saito - Senior Community Advisor [EU] Andra Chaos Speed - Community Advisor[NA] Asiah Maiden Rizal - Community Advisor [EU] John Tesora - Helper Jax Winterfield - Helper Kaito - Helper
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  7. Stax

    Point System

    Greetings Advisors, we just finished editing point system and here is the list: 1 car voucher 20 requests per week: 1SVIP week 35 requests per week 1 GVIP week 50 requests per week 1 flagged house 55 requests per week 1 GVIP 1 month 75 requests per week 1 PVIP 1 month 80 requests per week 1 flagged DD 85 requests per week you need only to take SS for your work at the end of day with /time and /stats [for 1 week] so you have to show me 7 screen shots at the end of week. DOPR and thanks to ZEX
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  13. you have to post administrative request @MarkJerome @Y_Less
  14. RESOLVED Robert D Costa has been jailed for 1h reason [ breaking DGA gang policy]