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  1. Mention your Dynamic Door ID. Pending @Levi_Stax
  2. Hatake T Takahashi will be set for 30 minutes prison time and faction warned. Reason : KOS, Breaking DGA Policies.
  3. Approved, please report SA+ in game to link this process.
  4. Post SS to be approved. Pending @Derek
  5. Fradind Marcos will be set for prison 30mins. Reason : DM
  6. Not enough evidences, pending @Ziggy
  7. Kaniel Outis will be prison for abusing powers. (30mins) Closed.
  8. Closed since no evidences are shown or updated.
  9. Closed. since this is an IC situation.
  10. Pahad Banderas has been punished and faction banned. Closed.