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  1. Dear applicant, As of now, 21st of October 2019, the one who posted this application is currently in OOC prison. Proof: https://imgur.com/a/TIkJl9p Thus, the one who posted this application is having the same ip with Tik Tok Maddox who is currently ban for creating a gang application. He is blacklisted for submitting gang application for a month since he is creating alt account just to create an app. This application is denied. Thread is closed.
  2. Pa followback tol haha

  3. Moving this thread to " Official Family List ". Please create role play scenarios with your fellow members.
  4. This gang has been Accepted. Please contact any Gang moderators in game to set up your gang.
  5. Waiting for your roleplay thread. ((atleast 3 scenarios)) It must be a fam roleplay thread.
  6. @Admins/Complaint Mod You can ask admin diamond for some proofs that he rk'ed. I got the logs of our conversation when Cruzio appealed.
  7. Involved? Did i shoot anyone you idiot. But the thing here is the RK stuff. You've been jailed for RK so. And akira already provided the rule so yeah pending CM.
  8. Also admins, check the IC chats on /dept and /r. You can clearly see they are saying Out of Character stuff there.
  9. First thing, I am involved yeah since you've just shoot us. And as you can see base on DGA rules, you can't RK in the same nation within 30 minutes. And please stop using " Demon " since i've thrown you an NRN. Back to the topic. You've already ask for an appeal right ? Diamond already said that you are not allowed then. We can do Pending Admin Diamond if you need some proofs that you've RK'ed. PS. Yep i changed my name to Adolf Hitler. We got alot of opinios so I am allowed to use it, so. PSS. Dont use "Demon" again please.