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  1. Tyler Harm is to be prisoned for 20 minutes, fined half his total wealth and warned due to using hacks. Thank you for making this complaint.
  2. Insufficent Evidence Complaint has been closed.
  3. First off, you grabbed your weapon out and shot without any rp intended and at a group whom were just standing in my eyes, if you have evidence of the dude in the vehicle shooting at your friend, link it Second of, i'm not the one who started insulting and logs can be checked you started talking shit so i wont stand still and sit down and watch you curse and insult me, so i had to reply back and I asked for the higher admins to interfere but nobody replied so I replied myself, then Alan muted you to let it come to an end cuz you're the one who started it.
  4. What's the current bid for the Business?
  5. Nevermind lads it got fixed thank you
  6. I'm selling that building ((only one dd)) at Rodeo if you are interested has a gate inside it and a gate outside of it a long with a good looking interior https://prnt.sc/ocfkp0
  7. http://prntscr.com/ocfpqt http://prntscr.com/ocfq1w Current Bid:50mill
  8. SA:MP Full Name Cruzio Stax Type of Request Dynamic Door Nature of Request Placement Additional Information https://ogg-roleplay.com/index.php?/topic/282-cruzio-staxs-dga-request/ well Famingo placed a DD for me a few days ago and it was going fine untill I logged on today and found that the DD is gone Location http://prntscr.com/ocfkp0