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  1. Your in-game name: Apollo Clinton Administrator's Name: Winterfield Date: 11/02/2019 Explanation for your report: Letting the San Andreas Government members to abuse their weaponized vehicles, No DGA permission was asked by Akirasuya Hanako to use one but still he did not hesitate on using one, Winterfield teleports all gov members into Akirasuya's Position, revives all those gov members who dies in a faction war, and sets the hp of those who fight against the Government. Evidence: ( Coming Soon ) forgot to use bandicam
  2. We'll see what happens, after all i really think i don't deserve to become a part of any faction. Hope we get the right sentence. You'reLovely,Apollo"FatAssDMER"Clinton.
  3. Your in-game name: Apollo Clinton Administrator's Name: Dicaprio Date: 07/11/2019 Explanation for your report: Warning me for using /v and asking Townsend why he freaking ignored the scene. Evidence: https://imgur.com/hlSD0Rm
  4. Your in-game name: Apollo Clinton Administrator's Name: Townsend Date: 07/11/2019 Explanation for your report: Ignoring his faction members to deathmatch in front of him while his on admin duty. Evidence:
  5. This nigga Snow acting like his on his rp account where i usually kill him when he fucks me up He is Dave Snow the most idiot FMd who cant even get an patient without saying "/b lets please skip the rp i just wake up"

  6. Your in-game name: Apollo Clinton Administrator's Name: Snow Date: 07/04/2019 Explanation for your report: This admin jailed me for Deathmatch even i have a reason to kill the player i killed + He/she keep on marking my /report > Other/FreeTest(PlatVipONly) > (This is what im saying in it) > If you SAW the real WHOLE situation why didn't you kick him for MG?. Evidence: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/542554453929230356/596236868891312131/unknown.png
  7. The ID of the house is 2852.
  8. SA:MP Full Name Apollo Clinton Type of Request Other Nature of Request Other Additional Information A house that was owned by an inactive player. I wanna own it cause we are making a history by making 3 houses close by owned by all _Clintons. Location https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/542554453929230356/595529555683573770/unknown.png
  9. In-game name: Apollo Clinton Player's name whom you are reporting: Silex Gold Date: 06/29/2019 Rules they broke: Server Advertising Explanation: This man came to us saying (This server sucks why do you even call yourself a legend? ) Next chat of Silex ( Let's play Lawless ? HZ? imma tell you the ip.) Evidence: https://imgur.com/a/Tg5lM8C